Electronic Filing System

Welcome to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission’s Electronic Filing System (EFS).

The EFS serves as a repository for official records submitted to the IURC. This service was implemented to meet the evolving needs of our utilities and to better serve the public by taking advantage of Internet technology to improve our existing registry and workflow system.

By using our EFS, users can file documents regardless of distance and submit filings outside of the IURC’s office hours. Additionally, the EFS allows electronic documents to be automatically routed to the appropriate registry staff for processing.

At this time, the IURC will begin accepting the following types of documents electronically:

  • New case petitions (If paper copies are requested, please put the cause number on the front of the documents)

  • Filings in docketed cases (not including new case petitions)

  • Confidential documents as related to docketed cases

  • General submissions (30-day filings, fee bills, annual reports, communications non-docketed filings, non-confidential communications, survey responses, etc.)

All electronic documents must meet the criteria for submission and must be filed in the required format for that specific type of filing. Electronic filings that contain multiple pleadings and documents should be filed separately. Any party making a filing that exceed's thirty (30) pages shall also mail or deliver to the Commission three (3) additional copies.

The maximum allowable filing size in the Electronic Filing System is 19MB.

The EFS differs from the Electronic Document System (EDS), which is the case management system of the IURC. The EDS provides access to public records such as docketed cases, rulemakings and general administrative orders. Cases from 2001 to the present, excluding those deemed confidential, are available electronically.

   Tips for using the Electronic Filing System can be found here.
   If you are a new user, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: On March 22, 2016, Governor Mike Pence signed Senate Bill 347 into law. One provision of this law immediately repeals Ind. Code 8-1-30.5, which requires the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to collect from all water utilities data regarding use of water resources within Indiana. Effective immediately, utilities are no longer required to file the annual Water Utility Resource Report.

If you experience difficulties with the Electronic Filing System or need assistance, please contact System Support Specialists at 317-232-2642 or 317-232-4269.

Consumers wishing to file comments regarding a pending docketed case or who have a general inquiry should contact the IURC’s Consumer Affairs Division.


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Electronic Filing System
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